Feb 17, 2020

Zeus 2000 with SMS tubes

They are becoming harder to come across...
And this one is in very good shape.

Zeus 2000 fork...

 With Gipiemme dropouts!
(It was common practice in Zeus factory, whenever they ran out of components they would use other brands.)

Zeus from head to toes!

Nov 28, 2019

A chance you don't wanna miss

New Old Stock!

Directly from the past... 1983 to be precise. Stil in ist bag.!!

Nov 25, 2019

Not only bycicles.

Many years ago, before to even know that one day I'll dedicate myself to bycicles I was an illustrator.
Well I still am. Is something that's been part of me all my life. Back then I had a website and a name: "Coloriscausa". I've decided to recover it and sell POD t-shirts and stuff. They are a lot of subjects but  bycicles are still a very important one...
I like the idea of giving another perspective to antique bycicle logos, like redrawing the Zeus-Shop decal to make it fit into a wall clock.... Can you imagine that in a classical bycicles repair shop?

Or in a nice T-Shirt?

I do...