Nov 30, 2018

Miele Werke

One of my customers asked me if, by chance, I had something about Miele.
I've got a german book with a couple of models, but you coudn't really see the stickers


The search in Google didn't give much information, so I´ve decided to try in german
Better, but still not enough... What about using "headbage"?
With a bit of information from here and there we got not one, but three sets

The headbage is printed on metallic gold paper and it looks very much like the original one, engraved on brass.
Until now it was very little information about this old brand. I really hope my contribution can help those who coudn't find it.

Jul 16, 2018

New decals sets

Many customers contact me to see if I can help them to remake a new decal set... Unfortunatelly my answer is always the same: I can not compromize myself with a date. Many people understands it but not everybody is fully aware of the quantity of time that takes to make just one simple set of decals... At least for me.
Here you'll find the links of the new sets I've added today. Is about half a year work, finding time between orders and daily dutys. finding a minute here an another there...
I really hope somebody find here what they've been looking for.

Y unas cuantas de Reynolds:

May 4, 2018

Time to let go

The time has come to say good bye to my Zeus Victorialight, quick... wonderfull.
But I don't use it, I rode it in my first "Pedals"Since then is getting rusty and accumulating dust for lack of use. It needs fresh air, stiff climbs and sunny curves.
Sure there is someone out there looking for a mate for such promenades.

My hoods did hold perfectly for more than four years...

 Supercronos groupset.

Leather straps AGPA, from Sabadell

Zeus from head to toes.