Feb 15, 2019

Romani, CBT, Shimano

This week I'm happy to add a couple of new sets to my catalogue...


I must confess that I didn't know much about CBT Italy. The company started in the 50´s and they have been making bicycles and frames since the 70´s. 
You can learn theyr history here

Romani, instead is well known and appreciated brand. A costumer from Sweden asked me to remake this set that he coudn´t find anywhere...

And finally Shimano.... ¿what can I say? I've started with bicycles from the 50´s and the idea of "Vintage" is been growing untill including the 80,s and (OMG) even the 90´s...
As usual, I hope to have contribuyed to save some sets from oblivion and also that they may be of some use to somebody. 

Feb 1, 2019


I go on with my task of recovering old bicycle decal sets...
In this particular case it's been quite difficult, we had no information and there is nothing in the web but this

At the end and after a lot of struggling I did succeed...

another set saved from oblivion...
Here you have it, I really hope it helps.

Nov 30, 2018

Miele Werke

One of my customers asked me if, by chance, I had something about Miele.
I've got a german book with a couple of models, but you coudn't really see the stickers


The search in Google didn't give much information, so I´ve decided to try in german
Better, but still not enough... What about using "headbage"?
With a bit of information from here and there we got not one, but three sets

The headbage is printed on metallic gold paper and it looks very much like the original one, engraved on brass.
Until now it was very little information about this old brand. I really hope my contribution can help those who coudn't find it.