Jul 25, 2013


Since the very beggining they have been two issues that have been folowing me until becoming obsesive...
One of them were leather saddles, the other the "non aero" brake lever hoods.
I have even patented an alternativ to the original ones made out of leather and some now and then I've been lucky enough to stumble upon some old sotck forgotten in some shop, but one day they gonna be gone... for good. (Honestly, an old bicycle with "generic" or allien hoods" is just not right)

And as usual I was telling myself: "If they are no longuer avalaible just make them" Yeah right ¿how?
One day, after a very long time, years to be precise, imagining materials, molds, asking for advice to industrial designers , modelists, friends (Nobody, by the way, could tell me "HOW"), a light switched on inside my head... Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle came together and made sense... I found it!
Try to imagine the euforia that got me. I perfecly understood how Pitagoras must have felt when he finally conceived his famous theorem.
Then it was just about finding the right ingredients...

Urethane or polyurethane rubber. both work, depends on the final results you pursuit...

First you got to learn to know how the materials behavie.  (If the silicone mold is not perfectly dry the rubber will never cure)

Finally! except for the color...


It is allways an incredible pleasure to bring back to life stuff that was about dissapearing... Never again a Zeus with allien hoods!!
To reach such goals, that may appear ridiculous to many other, is what keeps me up, curious, stubborn and awake. Let's allways have a "HOW"

Possibilities increase....

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