Feb 28, 2014

The perfect bicycle

It does exist...
Sturduy as an early "Mountain Bike" yet light and elegant as an italian road bike from the seventys.
Should be simple and versatile.

Since I recall I've been looking for the perfect bicycle without finding it. I have manipulated, altered, changed, improved or spoiled all the bicycles I've ever had.
I've moved from the "one_bicycle_for_everything" to the "one_bicycle_for_each_thing" phase
And back again...

Why shouldn't a bicycle be a little for every use?? I'm not saying that you have to go cliff jumping, but if you have to take an unasphalted road or circulate on a bit of mud it is got to be possible. As it also should be possible to enjoy a bit of speed some now and then .
thanks to Jan Heine's books, such as  "The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles" I've realized that those bicycles did allways exist and that I unconciouslly re-invented again and again .

Road handlebar (Ciclotouring handlebar, better said). Why? Well it gives you three different positions on your bike, and that, when you seat on it for eight or nine hours, helps a lot.

Triple crankset, so that even with full load you are still able to cimb almost every pass.

Powerfull tires that also allow you to ride at good speed.

A quite high stem to easy your back. When speed and aerodinamics are not a must you can travel in comfort.

Leather saddle. It is the only stuff you can seat on for more than three hours without crying..

When I finally decided to make that bike I toguht: Who can, in Spain, build a frame? (No this is not "My fair lady")
Investigating I eventually found Andrés Arregui from Ciclos Noviciado. He got inmediatlly involved . Good willing and generously. And he did, above all, excell. His frame was so well welded that I really fancied the idea just to clear lacquer it. Only the fear of rust made me paint it.

Talking about painting... Oscar from Bicycle fetish did an incredible job and Vanessa, his wife and a great photographer, did inmortalize it...

And now, with no longuer delay, I proudly introduce you to Reciclone's perfect bicycle... "The Rando"!

A bicycle conceived and created by Reciclone to enjoy the journey, not the goal...

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