May 16, 2014


Few years ago Aitor gave me this bicycle...

Ain't you looking for an Alfa? Well I've got one for you!
An Alfa? That is a Peliser.
Later I found out tht Peliser did like many... To buy other brands and disguise them as theirs.

Most of the brands did just cover the original decals with their own .
Like DAL with Orbea or  Amat with Gimson or many others. But this case was different. They didn't just cover the decals... They did paint the whole bicycle (A bit roughly. If I may say)
Be warned!  If you own a Peliser... It could easily be a Zeus.
The half hoods were long gone, wich is been an incentive to remake them... Not an easy job, besides the rubber there is a little metal plaque that must be drilled in the right exact spot where the brake cable guide rests ...

This is one of my most beloved bicycles because is been completed by gifts...
Aitor gave me the bicycle itself (He didn't even let me pay the shipment)

Oscar found the perfect colour.

Ricardo gave me the Alfa Junior derrailleur...

and Carles y Salva the brakes, crankset, handlebar... and precious help. 

Thank you friends! This Sunday I'll proudly take her to the "Pedals" in your name.

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