Nov 2, 2015

BSA 1932

Probably the oldest bicycle we have ever retored in Reciclone.

Our choice would have been to keep the original painting but  Marcelo wanted to use the bicycle. At the end is better to use it than leave it in a museum. Bicycles are made for ridding.

The challenge here was to establish its age and after a long investigation in the net I did finally reach Cally from "The Veteran Cycle Club" Luckily in the United Kingdom they have been far more carefull than here and it is possible there to know the year of creation of a bicycle by its serial number.

I found it under the seat W8-81172. and Cally's answer was that the machine was probably pre 1932 He also adviced not to do more than "a good clean, grease, service and wipe over with an oily rag. to do any more may be seen as ill-advised". But we didn't follow his advice.
To disassemble it is been complicated. Some 83 years old bolt had to be sacrificed. Years of humidity and rust did weld it to the frame.. But worse was to reassemble it and, especialyy, to make it work...

Not an easy task, as usual...  but the customer's face is our bigger reward.