Dec 5, 2015

Orbea Dolly

Two more bicycles just left to the Orbea museum.
The more interesting one is the Dolly.

I've been lucky to find it in a catalog that Fabio, from
Anti-Óxido generously shared, some time ago.

We finally decided to keep the original as much as possible. My partner  Salva had to work hard on the chrome.
Finding exactily the same blue colour did easy the retouch without having to repaint the whole bicycle.

New decals and ¡off you go!

The other one is a Laser. This time we chose a drastic cleanning and substitution of some components such as tires, handlebar tape, cable housing, etc.

It was in quite good shape and the scars of time suit her.

A curiosity that I've never seen before... Those Universal brake levers...
Two prodigal daughters that go back home... For Christmas!

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